What Are Some Signs Of A Leaking Shower?
Paint peeling or flaking off walls or ceiling below or around shower.
Shower walls and grout may have evidence of mould.
Tiles or grout in or around shower are discoloured.
Loose tiles, tiles have started coming off the walls.
Musty Smell.
Cracks in the walls.
Grout is falling out or missing.
Rotting timber, wet carpet or flooring.
Why Does My Shower Leak?

In many cases your house or unit will be the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. The walls and floors of your dwelling are known to settle for many years after it is built. The constant use of your shower also causes unnoticeable vibration of the floor and walls. This vibration, along with the settlement of the entire dwelling, may cause small hairline cracks in various locations. Another cause is the constant wetting and drying of the shower and tile base, causing expansion and contraction on a regular basis. One of the most common areas to crack are the corners and perimeter shower area.

This is because the tiles and the grout may be rigid and inflexible. Any movement of the walls from the floor may cause the grout to crack and fall out.
These cracks can also cause the waterproofing membrane to separate or fail, allowing water to seep through it. Water leaks can cause hazardous mould and bacteria to build up, timber fixtures to swell and structural damage to occur, after being continuously exposed to water.

The Shower Surgeons Way

Often the cause of a leaking shower may be difficult to detect. A small amount of grout may be missing between the tiles or a cracked tile could be the issue, broken or ill-fitting shower screens but most often, the cause is from poor drainage with lack of fall to the drain, resulting in a saturated shower base bed.

It is extremely important to address the issue of leaking showers as soon as possible to reduce the possibility of extensive structural and cosmetic damage. There is also the risk of excessive water attracting white ants which may infest and destroy the building timbers. Showers that leak often look unsightly or smell and the mould and fungal spores associated with dampness, may cause serious and on-going health issues.

After all, you don’t just apply a bandage to a wound without checking that there is no internal bleeding, do you?

Shower Surgeons Repairs?

Shower Surgeons use state of the art water leak detection systems to assess the causes and check for any existing unseen damage. After the initial assessment, Shower Surgeons apply the most efficient and long-lasting repair. Whilst re-grouting and polymer sealing of the shower may give some protection for a period of time, this does not always fix the actual cause of the leak.

Shower Surgeon repairs to leaking showers go right to the root cause of the problem and re-build the shower from the ground up, so to speak, including applying waterproofing membranes, tiling, shower screen replacements and plumbing. All leaking shower repairs are carried out by highly qualified and fully insured QBSA tradespersons, using the highest quality products. We offer exceptional service and guaranteed quality finishes.