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Shower Surgeons also have fully licenced carpenters on hand to carry out any structural or general carpentry that you may require. Anything from planing down a door.

Bathroom renovation

Without question your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and a well-designed or newly renovated bathroom will add value to your property.

Plaster repairs

Also on the Shower Surgeons team we have our ever-reliable plasterers. They can handle anything from filling a few holes that “magically” seem to appear in the walls sometimes.

Wall and Floor Tiling

Even though the primary focus here at Shower Surgeons is on shower surgery and bathroom enhancements, we know that you still occasionally need some extra functional works.


Shower Surgeons also has on hand a regular painter who is only too happy to apply his type of cosmetic enhancement to your home! We are able to even co-ordinate.

General Building Maintenance and Repairs

No matter if you have a screw loose or a door hanging off it’s hinges, you can confidently call the Shower Surgeon team to put it right.

Shower Surgeons

Leaking Showers are a common issue for many home and building owners with a minor leak often resulting in extensive costs and repairs if not addressed promptly. Leaking showers are a number one priority for all of us at Shower Surgeons as we fully understand the implications of leaving a leaking shower un-repaired.
If the shower leak is caused by a leaking pipe behind the wall, it will be a job for the plumber. Shower Surgeons’ plumber will do a pressure test to see if the leak is plumbing related and we can determine the best cause of action from there.


Shower walls and grout may have evidence of mould.

Tiles or grout in or around shower are discoloured.

Silicone joints (if any) are mouldy or discoloured .

Rotting timber, wet carpet or flooring.

Paint peeling or flaking off walls or ceiling below or around shower.

Cracks in the walls.

Grout is falling out or missing.

Loose tiles, tiles have started coming off the walls.

Why Does My Shower Leak?

In many cases your house or unit will be the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. The walls and floors of your dwelling are known to settle for many years after it is built. The constant use of your shower also causes unnoticeable vibration of the floor and walls. This vibration, along with the settlement of the entire dwelling, may cause small hairline cracks in various locations. Another cause is the constant wetting and drying of the shower and tile base, causing expansion and contraction on a regular basis. One of the most common areas to crack are the corners and perimeter shower area.


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