Shower Surgeons

Leaking Showers are a common issue for many home and building owners with a minor leak often resulting in extensive costs and repairs if not addressed promptly. Leaking showers are a number one priority for all of us at Shower Surgeons as we fully understand the implications of leaving a leaking shower un-repaired.

If the shower leak is caused by a leaking pipe behind the wall, it will be a job for the plumber. Shower Surgeons’ plumber will do a pressure test to see if the leak is plumbing related and we can determine the best cause of action from there.

If a water leak is only visible when you are using the shower or appears shortly after using it, then you are more likely dealing with a leaking shower.

“Our team at Shower Surgeons have over 30 years experience in dealing with leaking showers and the associated damage which can occur, so you can have confidence that we are able to identify and rectify all areas associated with the leaking shower. We can also apply that same extensive experience to the design and transformation of your bathroom should you wish to add value to your property in this way. Please call us for an obligation free quote today.” “0408 690840”