Why choose Shower Surgeons?
Use latest procedures and technology
No Shortcuts or temporary fixes
Experienced specialists in each trade involved
Treatment of cause, not symptoms
Accurate diagnosis of cause and treatment methods
Rectification works designed to prevent re-occurrence of leak
Local business, local staff
Brand new shower screens every time
Property and occupants treated with respect and care
Property left clean and tidy after each visit and stage of works
Various options available for rectification works
A Shower Surgeon rectification adds capital value to the property

Only one phone call needed to solve your leaking shower problems. Shower Surgeons takes the stress out of leaky shower repairs!!!

Shower Sealing Methods

Once the source(s) of the leak is determined, we then design a complete treatment and rectification procedure, and offer a full description of works required and the associated costs, and an estimated time required for the rectification. Shower Surgeons do not just apply a covering over the tiles and grout, as we have found this method to have a very limited effectiveness and is often only a very short-term solution. Shower Surgeons do not put a bandage on a wound when it is bleeding internally, we go to the source of the problem and stop the bleeding and prevent further damage.

There are many companies in the marketplace offering the “latest and greatest” shower sealing methods, including those promising fast easy sealing without even removing tiles. Is this even possible? Does it actually address the real cause of the leak? What if the leak is underneath the tiles?
How do you choose the company and method that is going to give the BEST, LONG TERM SOLUTION to your leaking shower problem?

Here at Shower Surgeons, we approach each leaking shower with a methodical and professional investigative consultation. In our initial consultation, we conduct an exhaustive check on the plumbing system, the shower screen installation and effectiveness, the amount and effectiveness of fall in the shower base, and using the latest in non-invasive moisture detection meters, try to ascertain the cause, degree and location of the leak. We also have the facility to insert micro cameras into wall and ceiling cavities to pinpoint as closely as possible the source of the leak.

Shower Surgeons keep it Clean!

We at Shower Surgeons are extremely aware of the inconvenience which tenants and owner may experience and do our best to minimise this. Where possible we will fit a shower hose and head to the bath outlet to enable tenants to still have the facility of a shower, during the rectification works. At all times during the rectification procedure, the property and its occupants are treated with the utmost respect and consideration, and premises left in a clean and tidy condition both during and after the operation.